Čuvarkuća (Sempervivum tectorum L.)

Čuvarkuća (Sempervivum tectorum L.)

Sempervivum tectorum (Crassulaceae)               

Common names: Kayakorugu; Houseleek; Cuvarkuca; Hauswurz; Hen-And-Chickens; Herba De Foc; Roof Houseleek; Haus Wachs; Siempreviva Mayor; Djibaube


Corn (ICD-10 L84) Callus  Wart  Refrigerant  Spasm Vermifuge Astringent Callus Cancer

Ache(Tooth) Alterative Depurative Detersive Diuretic Fever Hemostat Inflammation Sting(Bee) Tumor(Thigh) Vulnerary


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