PANKREATITIS STOP 6 MIX Kompozitna formula kod akutnog zapaljenja i drugih bolesti gušterače MKB-10 K85, K86

PANKREATITIS STOP 6 MIX Kompozitna formula kod akutnog zapaljenja i drugih bolesti gušterače MKB-10 K85, K86

Kompozitna formula kod akutnog zapaljenja i drugih bolesti gušterače MKB-10 K85, K86
Formula composita ad Pancreatitis acuta et Morbi pancreatis alii ICD-10 K85, K86

25 mL Gentiana lutea (Gentianaceae), radix siccis Ø;
15 mL Camellia sinensis (Theaceae), folium siciss Ø;
15 mL Centaurium erythraea (Gentianaceae), herba recentis Ø;
15 mL Glycyrrhiza glabra (Fabaceae), radix siccis Ø;
15 mL Teucrium chamaedrys (Lamiaceae), herba recentis Ø;
15 mL Teucrium montanum (Lamiaceae), herba recentis Ø;

Akutno zapaljenje gušterače i ostale bolesti gušterače

K85 Akutno zapaljenje pankreasa; Pancreatitis acuta
K85.0 Akutno idiopatsko zapaljenje pankreasa; Pancreatitis acuta idiopathica
K85.1 Akutno bilijarno zapaljenje pankreasa; Pancreatitis acuta biliaris
K85.2 Akutno zapaljenje pankreasa izazvano alkoholom; Pancreatitis acuta alcoholica
K85.3 Akutno zapaljenje pankreasa izazvano lekovima; Pancreatitis acuta medicamentosa
K85.8 Druga akutna zapaljenja pankreasa; Pancreatitis acuta alia
K85.9 Akutno zapaljenje pankreasa, neoznačeno; Pancreatitis acuta, non specificata

K86 Druge bolesti pankreasa; Morbi pancreatis alii
K86.0Hronično zapaljenje pankreasa izazvano alkoholom; Pancreatitis alcoholica chronica
K86.1 Drugo hronično zapaljenje pankreasa; Pancreatitis chronica alia
K86.2 Cista pankreasa; Cystis pancreatis
K86.3 Lažna cista pankreasa
Pseudocystis pancreatis
Druge označene bolesti pankreasa
Morbi pancreatis alii, specificati
Bolest pankreasa, neoznačena
Morbus pancreatis, non specificatus

Gentian Root (Genetiana lutea) FRESH
Gentiana lutea (Gentianaceae), radix recentis 
Gentian Root, Tinctures-Liquid Herbal Extract

Gentian Root, Gentiana lutea (Gentianaceae) has been used for 3000 years to treat digestive disorders and for lack of appetite. It is the recommended treatment for mouth ulcers by the World Health Organization. The plant’s bitter qualities stimulates the production of gastric juices and bile, helping to relieve dyspepsia, morning sickness, flatulence, indigestion, and liver problems. It is believed to be one of the best herbs for states of exhaustion from chronic disease. Gentian root, Gentiana lutea (Gentianaceae) extracts exhibit antiprotozoal, antibacterial and antifungal benefits in test tube studies. It has sometimes been recommended in alternative medicine for diabetes, intestinal parasites, inflammation of rheumatism and conditions of the pancreas. Though Gentian can raise blood sugar levels, it also invigorates blood supply, helping individuals feel more energetic. Modern herbalists have also used Gentian, Gentiana lutea (Gentianaceae) to help calm hysteria, relieve convulsions, spasm, red eyes, headaches and to decrease fever.
Gentian root, Gentiana lutea (Gentianaceae) has been shown to be a true cholagogue and one of the best strengtheners for the gall bladder, liver and digestive system. One of the richest herbs in natural sugar it is beneficial for the pancreas, spleen, and kidneys. Gentian, Gentiana lutea (Gentianaceae) is also helpful for gastrointestinal inflammation and for controlling fevers. It has been used in the reduction of atonic constipation, heartburn, and dyspepsia. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, European herbalists have often used this root to treat anemia, because stimulating your digestive system makes it easier for the body to absorb iron.
Gentian, Gentiana lutea (Gentianaceae) shows a mild ability to clean the bowel and effectively, slowly cleanse hardened morbid matter from the colon. It is believed to be a highly effective bacteriostatic, cholagogue, choleretic, and anti-helmetic that helps to prevent intestinal infection and rebalance intestinal flora. This is most helpful for preventing serious colorectal disease by stimulating the glandular cells of the digestive organs. Gentian root, Gentiana lutea (Gentianaceae) when mixed with other depurative herbal tinctures, favors the detoxification of the body. Its nutrients can help to control rosacea because it is such a potent herbal digestive aid. Gentian has been known expel worms and kill plasmodia (organisms that cause malaria) and is thought to be more effective than quinine.

Some people have used the root to improve physical strength and endurance. Gentian purifies and is said to strengthen the entire human system. It helps stimulate the growth of healthy red blood cells and leucocytes in the body which helps to boost our immune systems. Gentian is commonly used with other depurative herbal tinctures to increase vascular circulation and stimulate the activity of the glands and organs, ensuring a healthy blood supply and flushing out harmful toxins. It is often considered to be a blood builder and has been traditionally used during convalescence. It has shown the ability to help treat exhaustion and to enhance memory in the elderly. The extract has also been used effectively to stimulant the appetite, which can be helpful for problems such as anorexia.
Gentian Gentiana lutea (Gentianaceae) is a natural treatment that is believed to be one of the best for case of oral thrush. The herb has been shown to kill bacteria and fungi. Gentian root extract has been used topically in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to treat cancerous tumors and wounds.
Nutrients: Calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc, vitamins B1, B2, B3, and C.

Ingredients: Gentian Root, Structured Water, 96% Alcohol.

Non-Alcohol: Gentian Root, Structured Water, and Vegetable Glycerin.

Instructions: Use 10-20 drops in juice, water, under the tongue or as desired. May be taken 2-4 times daily. Shake well. Store in cool dark place. Keep out of reach of children.

All of our ingredients are Certified Organic, Kosher, or Responsibly Wildcrafted. No genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) are involved. All other products that are distributed by us meet our high-quality standards.

Contraindications: Pregnant women or those with high blood pressure or chronic gastrointestinal problems should use Gentian, Gentiana lutea (Gentianaceae) only under supervision of a physician. Avoid Gentian if you have diarrhea caused by poor digestion, or if you have excess stomach acid, heartburn, peptic ulcer or gastritis. Older children and adults over sixty-five should take Gentian only with direction from a health care provider. Large doses may cause vomiting.

Disclaimer: The information presented herein by Herbal Alchemy is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own healthcare provider.

Centaurium erythraea extract reduces redox imbalance and improves insulin expression and secretion in pancreatic β-cells exposed to oxidative and nitrosative stress

Centaurium erythraea extract improves survival and functionality of pancreatic beta-cells in diabetes through multiple routes of action.

Molekularni mehanizmi antioksidativnog dejstva ekstrakta kičice (Centaurium erythraea RAFN) u eksperimentalnom modelu dijabetesa pacova

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